AgroWrap®- Silage film

Silage film is nowadays crucial in the process of preparing valuable and nutritious animal feed. When the haylage is wrapped in the film, fermentation processes occurs without oxygen that produce the right nutrients in the feed. AgroWrap® is used not only for the preparation of the feed (haylage), but also for storage in an airtight way so that it lasts at least several months.

AgroWrap® silage film is produced of high quality raw materials using the CAST method. First of all, its main purpose is to meet the requirements and expectations of customers.

AgroWrap - haylage film
folia do sianokiszonki

High tear resistance during wrapping

UV protection for 12 months

UV protection for 12 months

wysoka kleistość folii

High film stickiness

7 warstwowa folia do sianokiszonki

7-layer film

folia odporna na przebicie

High puncture resistance

biała folia do sianokiszonki

The film is available as white/green

silage film Agrowrap

Product Instructions


Why to choose AgroWrap®?


AgroWrap® silage film is characterized by high resistance to puncture by hard stems (e.g. of alfalfa). In addition, this film is perfect for wrapping bales and is resistant to breaking.


AgroWrap® is a film that has high resistance to UV radiation, which protects the content of bales against degradation and protects against loss of nutritional value.


AgroWrap® silage film has been tested by farmers, thanks to which we know that it will work in any farm. AgroWrap® was created to deliver feed at the highest level. We are producing all types of stretch films.