How to choose the haylage film

There are currently many brands of haylage film on the market. At first, it would seem that every film is the same. Not necessarily. Many manufacturers now offer 3 and 5-layer haylage film. However, it is worth paying attention to the 7-layer film.


To ensure haylage the best protection, the film must have features such as strength, high resistance to tearing and puncture as well as flexibility. The film must have a UV filter and a good adhesive enabling it to work regardless of weather conditions. If the film does not have all these features, it may not be a good haylage protection.

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The 7-layer technology guarantees the produced film with all the above-mentioned features. The producer of 7-layer haylage film can precisely control the technological process and place the appropriate raw materials in its individual layers. For example, the UV filter is located in the outer layer of the film so that it can protect the bales from ultraviolet radiation. The adhesive layer is directed towards the center of the bale towards the haylage to ensure that the individual layers of film stick together. Good adhesive ensures hermetic closing of the bale regardless of high or low air temperature during wrapping.

5 layers between the adhesive side of the bale and the side with the filter are responsible for excellent mechanical properties such as resistance to tearing, puncture and flexibility of the film.